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The Insurance Company Offered Me a Low Settlement. What Do I Do?

insurance papers for a settlement offerWhat do you do when you suffer an injury due to negligence and you’re experiencing significant financial problems due to the medical bills, vehicle repair costs, and missing income because your injuries prevent you from working?

In most situations, you expect to turn to your insurance company for help. You go through the process of filing a claim and when they offer you a settlement, it’s much lower than you need. Now what? How do you cover yourself and get the amount you need and deserve?

Denying a Settlement Offer Lower than Expected

You don’t have to accept a settlement offer if it is less than adequate. The insurance company’s main priority is paying out as little as possible to protect their own profits. They’re not looking out for the injured as they typically claim to be in their marketing ploys.

You can deny the settlement offer if it doesn’t cover your needs and work with legal counsel to pursue the maximum compensation available to you. Oftentimes, the insurance company may be more willing to negotiate the settlement offer if you have proven representation and the insurance to prove negligence.

A lawyer can help you estimate what you need and whether the settlement is enough to cover your losses. If not, you can take the case further to trial or counter the offer from the insurance company to an amount more specific to your needs.

Get Skilled Car Accident Lawyers On Your Side

At Lowe Law Group, we know that insurance companies are often looking for ways to pay out minimal payments if it means protecting their bottom line. In order to do this, however, they’re often harming those who have already suffered from the physical and emotional damage of a car accident.

We work hard to help clients through the complex legal matters that lie ahead because they’re already going through a turbulent situation and the last thing they need is a large corporation taking advantage of a vulnerable state.

Our car accident attorneys go above and beyond for you because you deserve compensation. When negligence results in you suffering harm, you need justice and we’ll be here to help obtain it on your behalf.

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