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Ask a Lawyer Part 3: What Can I Expect In My Case?

Justice in a Courtroom for Personal Injury CaseIn part three of our Ask a Lawyer series, we discuss what injured individuals can expect in their case with our personal injury attorneys. Learn more about time limits to file a lawsuit, whether or not a settlement offer should be accepted, and handling medical bills while waiting for the case to be resolved.

Do I Have a Time Limit to File a Claim?

There are two time you need to “file a claim.” When you have been in an accident you should “file a claim” with your insurance company right away. While it is generally never too late to file a claim with your insurance company the longer you wait to file with the insurance company the more likely it is the claim we be denied or looked at a little more skeptically.

Beyond the “filing a claim” with the insurance company you also have a limited period of time to “file a claim” with the Court. You may have anywhere from 2-6 years (depending on the state you live in) after the accident to file a complaint with the court. If you do not file by the time this period runs out you are most likely, with limited exceptions, barred from bringing a complaint with the court.

This time limit is called the “Statute of Limitations.”

Should I Accept a Settlement Offer?

Often times when you are in an accident an insurance company will call you offering to pay you for “your troubles” plus your medical expenses for the next month. You may even receive a check in the mail. You may have been treated in the emergency room and released a few hours later.

The other driver’s insurance may reach out and offer a quick settlement. Yet, you are likely not fully aware of the extent of your injuries or the medical expenses you have and will incur because of the accident. While a quick and small settlement early on may be tempting it can very quickly hurt you.

Sometimes symptoms don’t appear for weeks after an accident and sometimes conservative treatment options don’t make you any better. If you quickly settled your case with the insurance company only to find out that you need more medical treatment, you cannot go back to the insurance company and ask for additional compensation.

How Do I Handle My Medical Bills While Waiting for a Settlement or Verdict?

All settlement discussions take your medical bills into account. The hospitals and doctors who provided you the care that you needed often go through a process with the courts to ensure that they are rightfully paid for the care that they provided.

While you are waiting for settlement or a verdict, you can rest assured knowing that those bills will most likely be taken care of through settlement. We often negotiate with the hospitals and doctors to reduce their bills so that more of the settlement or verdict goes to you.

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