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Why Would My Insurance Company Deny My Car Accident Claim?

insurance adjusterAfter a crash, you go through the insurance company to pursue compensation for damages you may sustain. However, the insurance company is not the easiest to work with, and they’re often looking for ways to pay out very little for your losses.

While you may expect the insurance company to be on your side, they often challenge claims for the sake of their profits. You must know why the insurance company may deny your claim after a car accident and what to do moving forward.

Why Does the Insurance Provider Want to Pay Out as Little as Possible?

The insurance company is a business. While they agree to protect you as one of their policyholders, they also want to ensure they’re making money. When you file a claim, they want to focus on their bottom line rather than helping you in your time of need.

What Does the Insurance Company Do to Hurt Claimants?

Despite your need for compensation, the insurance company does not always abide by their policies—especially when you’re working with the negligent driver’s insurance company. They will try to use bad faith tactics to deny the compensation you need.

  • Claiming your policy is invalid: The insurance company may claim that your policy is invalid because of payment issues, or it doesn’t cover your injuries.
  • Delaying your payments: The insurance company may try and find ways to delay payment, hoping that you need the money enough to settle for a low amount.
  • Claiming you’re at fault: The insurance company will try to use your statements at the scene and recorded phone conversations to claim you’re at fault for the accident.

How Can I Combat a Claim Denial?

When you receive a denial from the insurance company, it’s understandable that you can feel overwhelmed about what comes next. You want to be able to afford medical bills, property damage, missed income, and more.

If the insurance company wrongfully denies your claim, you can work with a car accident attorney to determine what options you have. At Lowe Law Group, we’ll give you the voice you need to hold the negligent party accountable and pursue compensation.

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