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Can I Hold Someone Accountable for an Accident Caused By Speeding?

Driver Looking at Odometer Imagine you’re driving along and have to brake. You look in your rearview mirror and see a vehicle speeding your way. Unfortunately, there may not be much you can do to prevent an accident from occurring and suddenly, you feel the impact.

This is the unfortunate reality for many individuals each year and the worst part about them is that they are completely preventable accidents. When this happens and someone sustains injuries, there are many questions they may have about what options they have.

One important question: Is legal action available to seek compensation for an accident caused by speeding?

The short answer is yes, but there are many things to consider.

Was the Speeding an Act of Negligence?

To hold the specific driver accountable for an accident, it must be shown that they were negligent in their actions. This means they had a duty of care for you and other drivers on the road, they breached that duty of care, the breach led to the accident, and the injury was caused by the accident.

However, it there may be other factors that can complicate the legal action after a crash caused by speeding.

What Other Factors Can Cause the Vehicle to Speed?

Unfortunately, there are situations that can result in the driver speeding when they don’t intend to. For instance, if the vehicle is traveling down a steep hill and the brakes malfunction preventing the vehicle to stop. This could lead to a serious accident should other vehicles need to stop due to traffic.

In these types of situations, the injured party may still take legal action, but it is most commonly the manufacturer of the defective product who can be held responsible. If the auto part goes bad due to failure to maintain, the driver is most likely at fault.

Knowing who can be held accountable is important and our car accident lawyers at Lowe Law Group are here to help make the legal process easier on you. If you’ve been hurt, you shouldn’t have to deal with the legal matters while focusing on your own recovery. This is why we’re here.

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