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Injuries From Faulty Airbags Are More Common Than You’d Think

Airbags are designed to safeguard the driver and passengers involved in a car accident. However, some airbags can be defective, and when they are defective, they can cause serious injuries. These are designed to protect vehicle occupants from frontal and side impact collisions.

Today, vehicles don't just come with one airbag, but with several airbags that deploy around the driver and passengers of a car creating a protective bubble when the car is involved in an accident. Unfortunately, we all have heard of faulty airbags that deploy from a malfunction or defective feature that result in serious injury.

Airbags can injure passengers when they deploy. The airbag deploys at an extreme speed, often in excess of 100 mph. If the airbag inadvertently deploys, say in a malfunction. The bag will explode into a vehicle occupants face or head at these high speeds with the occupant sitting relaxed.

Malfunctioning airbags that deploy can cause serious injuries, sometimes even death. However, common injuries include abrasions and burns, eye injuries and rib fractures. In some airbags, like Takata airbags which were highlighted in the news, defective airbags also deploy small shards of plastic and metal with the airbag. These projectiles have been linked to serious injuries and some deaths of vehicle occupants.

Airbags are designed to protect us, but there are not perfect. Investigations into faulty airbags has revealed that many defects are the result of poor installation. If you or someone you know has been injured by a faulty airbag, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost income.

Preserve all evidence, including the vehicle, the airbag, and other parts relating to the deployment (i.e. the crash sensor) and contact our legal offices today to discuss your case. It's free and our experienced legal team is here to help!