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Yes, Distracted Walking is a Real Thing

Auto-pedestrian accidents always make headlines. Personal injury attorneys are contacted almost immediately by the pedestrian, as the injuries, medical bills and missed work become overwhelming for the victims. And in some tragic cases, the family of the deceased victim is seeking compensation for pain and suffering, etc.

What were once fairly straight forward cases have now become extremely complicated due largely to the cell phone. We are talking about distracted walking. Distracted walking is becoming a cause of auto-pedestrian accidents, and drivers and attorneys are taking note. If a driver can prove that this was a distracted walking accident and the pedestrian contributed to the accident by failing to pay attention to their surroundings, settlements and recovery cases often stall.

Legal proceedings aside, it is in good judgment to stay alert when you're walking, especially when travelling near busy roads. Distracted walking is one of the main reasons many pedestrians end up being hit by vehicles every year.

There a number of things that can be labeled as distracted walking. After all, the definition itself is very general: anything that takes your focus off of your surroundings. Despite its vagueness, the most common causes of distracted walking are texting while walking or listening to music.

Failing to look up from the cell phone impedes one's visual understanding of the surroundings and the current situation. People fail to see the hand that prevents crossing or lose track of where the sidewalk ends and the road's shoulder begins altogether. On busy roadways or in cities, this simple mistake can become fatal quickly.

We understand that one of the best ways to enjoy your stroll around town is with your music in your ears. Especially if you are a runner just trying to squeeze a quick run in before work or dinner. Wearing earbuds or headphones, you lose the audio cues necessary to make key judgements of the environment. This can be something as simple as failing to hear a fellow pedestrian warn you or something as serious as failing to hear an oncoming car.

The negligence in terms of a pedestrian keeping his/herself safe while walking near traffic can reduce the amount of an injury settlement, or more often than not, lead the case's dismissal outright. It is best to have an attorney represent you who can develop the claim and seek the best possible outcome. If you have any doubts about your right to recovery after a pedestrian accident, contact a personal injury attorney for help with your claim.