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Steps To Take Following A Dog Bite

Yesterday was National Puppy Day, and those adorable little canines bring a great deal of joy into our lives, they are still an animal that at times can lash out at humans. Dog bites occur more often than you think, and the injuries resulting from a dog bite can be extremely serious.

Dog Showing TeethWhile most dogs are typically not violent or aggressive, there are some breeds that are notorious for their viciousness. Suffering injuries at the hands of a dog bite can not only be painful, it can be extremely traumatic. The steps taken following the incident are critical to your recovery and receiving fair compensation.

Following a dog bite, it is important you protect yourself and your legal rights. Consider following these steps should you suffer a dog bite.

Document Accident Scene

Take pictures of the scene of the accident and the dog that attacked you. Be sure to get the dog’s size, breed, color, and name. These facts may be necessary for you and your personal injury attorney later.

Obtain Dog Owner Information

When seeking compensation from the dog’s owner, you will need to obtain all the pertinent information, including their name, address, and phone numbers.

Call the Police

Being bitten by a dog may result in a variety of injuries. From minor cuts and lacerations to more serious and even life-threatening injuries. It is important that you contact the police to ensure the accident is properly recorded.

Contact Animal Control

Reporting the incident to your local animal control office is another key step you must take following a dog bite. Be sure to consult with your personal injury attorney before providing details, but it is a responsible act to inform animal control of the dog bite to prevent future incidents involving that particular dog.

Seek Medical Attention

Again, dog bites can result in a wide variety of injuries. Be sure to seek medical attention for these injuries. And plan on following up with a physician to ensure you are receiving adequate treatments for those injuries.