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Semi-Truck Accident Kills Driver on Utah Road

Utah's roadways are riddled with semi-trucks and construction zones. These two factors contribute to many accidents on Utah's roadways. 5000 people die from semi-truck accidents every year across the United States.

All too often when a semi-truck is involved in an automobile accident in Utah, there is a fatality. This was again the case in an accident that involved a disabled vehicle and semi-truck early Wednesday morning along a stretch of I-15 north of Fillmore, Utah.

Just after midnight Wednesday, a man driving a Honda Civic entered a construction zone which required traffic to use the left lane, lost control of his car and came to a stop sideways in the left travel lane. Shortly afterwards a northbound semi-truck struck the vehicle not realizing the car was disabled and in the travel lane.

The impact of the collision forced both vehicles to the right and off the interstate and onto a frontage road. It was there that both vehicles caught fire. It is not clear what caused the Honda to swerve and result in the car being disabled in the oncoming lane.