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Mirena and its growing health concerns

The Mirena IUD has become increasingly popular because of its ability to protect against pregnancy for up to 5 years. It’s long-acting birth control capabilities along with its small, flexible structure quickly became one of the most sought after birth control methods. It is estimated that 10.4 percent of contraceptives issued by doctors in the United States are Mirena IUDs.

Although Mirena has been marketed as a safe and effective contraception, many healthy women have suffered severe injuries during its use. These severe injuries range from a perforation of the uterus to an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy.

Mirena Side Effects

The majority of severe side effects result from the migration of the Mirena device from its normal position in the uterus. While Bayer, the maker of Mirena, claimed this was a rare occurrence, a recent study performed at the UCLA Medical Center revealed that Mirena movement is a “frequently encountered complication”. This movement has led to pain, infection, and damage to the intestines. These are serious conditions and may require surgery to correct.

Bayer has come under legal pressure for the serious complications resulting from Mirena IUD use. The company is being accused of knowing the device’s migration behaviors and the side effects they cause, but failing to warn the public of its danger. Many women have come forth with injuries as a result of the defective device.

As a result of Bayer’s misleading marketing of Mirena, a number of lawsuits have been filed to compensate victims for damage sustained as a result of Mirena use. Mirena’s label failed to warn doctors and consumers about these serious complications and described them as uncommon despite a number of victims.

Considering Your Options for a Mirena Lawyer

Women who have experienced complications as a result of Mirena device migration or uterine perforation should consider filing a claim to receive compensation for their medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Taking on large companies like Bayer can be very difficult and intimidating. Finding the right lawyer to represent you is essential. They must be knowledgeable and communicate each step of the process to you in detail. They must also be able to explain your options and rights and work with you towards the best option for you.

Mirena’s 99 percent rate at preventing pregnancy has led to its increasing popularity. Despite the benefits of Mirena, there are serious complications that must be considered. If you have suffered a health complication as a result of a Mirena IUD, it may be time to consider your legal options.