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Types of Truck Accidents

While many types of negligence exist in causing truck accidents, it helps to know some of the different types of accidents that can arise and how they are so dangerous. These accidents often involve the large commercial truck losing control, which puts any vehicle in the nearby vicinity in harm’s way.

Unfortunately, many of these accidents can be the result of speeding, overloaded cargo, defective products, or neglect. In each case, if you suffer an injury and the truck driver, company, or employee is liable, you have the legal rights to pursue compensation.

Jackknife Accidents

A jackknife accident often results when the driver loses control of his or her truck, and the trailer comes spinning around, with the trailer making a 90-degree angle with the cabin. This type of accident often takes up multiple lanes, and vehicles next to the truck are in direct danger.

Rollover Accidents

A rollover accident is typically the result of overloaded cargo and heavy winds or sharp turns. If a driver is not careful, the force of too much weight or an uneven load can cause the trailer to tip over, pulling the cab with it onto its side.

Lost Load Accidents

Going up a steep hill while carrying tens of thousands of pounds is never easy. When you factor in a potential problem with the hitch, you can encounter a lost load accident. The trailer detaches and can cause serious problems.

Under Ride Accidents

An under ride accident can occur in many different ways, but they’re often very severe. The driver in a smaller vehicle may become trapped under the large commercial truck’s trailer, presenting numerous problems and the potential for catastrophic harm.

Wide Turn Accidents

A wide turn accident may be the fault of a passenger vehicle for getting too close to a truck whenever the driver is trying to make a turn. However, truck drivers may also be negligent if they turn illegally in a spot where they shouldn’t be, or cut too wide on a turn and approach oncoming traffic.

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