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man with a neck injury after a car accident

Can I File a Claim for Minor Injuries?

While countless people suffer severe injuries in car accidents each year, some experience less than serious damages as well. However, even with a minor injury, you can pursue compensation for the damages you sustain.

Minor injuries are compensable, but even more, these damages can worsen over time, so it helps to fully understand what rights you have.

Getting Compensation for Minor Injuries

Minor injuries, which are usually those that heal over a shorter period of time, can still cause a significant inconvenience to your quality of life. You may still require medical care and prescription medication and miss time from work. Because of this, you may include these losses in your claim to obtain compensation.

You can work with a lawyer to better understand how a claim can cover even minor injuries. In any case, your claim can be much stronger with the right legal counsel on your side. The compensation you recover may not seem like a lot, but with a lawyer, you can recover more than you would think for a minor injury.

Minor Injuries with Latency Issues

Some minor injuries can have latency issues, meaning you feel the initial pains immediately, but it may not be severe. However, as time goes on, your injury can worsen, and your pain may become more severe, impacting you over time and requiring further medical care.

It’s imperative to seek medical care as soon as possible after a crash. A doctor can diagnose your injury and explain whether it can potentially worsen over time. The more severe the injury is, the more you may be able to recover.

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