Xarelto Poses Serious Risk of GI Bleeding

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health working with George Washington University recently published an article that revealed Xarelto may present double warfarin’s risk of serious gastrointestinal bleeds.

The information was based upon data from 46,000 patients who took the anticoagulant medications Xarelto and warfarin. Wanting to examine the ongoing issues with new generation anticoagulants (NOACs) like Xarelto compared to the classic conventional treatments like warfarin.

Much has been made about Xarelto. Its hype centered around its convenience when compared to warfarin. Despite the drug’s praise, there has been an increasing suspicion that it is leading to uncontrolled bleeding events in thousands of patients.

Two benefits of Xarelto that its makers praised over warfarin were the use of Xarelto requires less frequent monitoring and doesn’t share as many associated drug interactions as warfarin does. Where the legal argument gets heated is when scientists point out warfarin’s clear advantage.

Warfarin when compared to new generation anticoagulants has one distinct advantage and that is that it’s an effective antidote. When warfarin’s blood thinning abilities go too far, it can quickly be reversed with vitamin K.

There are no such antidotes for Xarelto. So while increased bleeding is a risk that is relatively common in both Xarelto and warfarin, a bleeding event that has occurred has a result of new generation blood thinners cannot effectively be stopped by doctors.

Naturally, bleeding is the most important adverse event associated with anticoagulants. Though reversing agents for Xarelot have been proposed, not of the agents have yet to pass clinical trials.

With no reversal agent and a statistically increased risk for uncontrolled bleeding events, personal injury attorneys at Lowe Law Group are continuing to investigate and file new Xarelto claims with a goal of educating the public and helping those who have experienced negative effects of Xarelto use.


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