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Your Legal Ally After Being Hit by a Commercial Truck

Commercial trucking companies have the duty to ensure that its fleets are well maintained and its drivers acting responsibly behind the wheel. Truckers have the responsibility to safely operate their tractor trailers and not drive if they become too exhausted. However, both parties frequently let their responsibilities fall away by the wayside while chasing profits or a quicker delivery route, often leading to disastrous truck accidents.

At Lowe Law Group, we have managed many truck accident claims for clients throughout the years, many of them bringing in six- or seven-figure settlements and verdicts. With our deep understanding of federal trucking regulations put forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), we have the insight and know-how needed to empower your claim and increase your chances of winning a maximized compensation amount. When trucking companies step up with a large team of corporate attorneys, we stand our ground and go on the offensive for our clients.

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Multiple Parties May Have Caused Your Accident

Managing a trucking accident claim can be incredibly difficult for people not trained or educated in the nuances of regulations and personal injury law. The main reason why your case could be far more complicated than it looks on the surface is liability, or liabilities. In many or most truck accident cases, there are multiple parties who are partially liable for the accident. All must be identified and named appropriate in your claim if you want your case to be successful and your reward, settlement, or verdict amount to be as great as possible.

Parties that may be found liable for your truck accident could be:

  • Parent trucking company
  • Truck driver
  • Truck maintenance crew
  • Trailer load crew

Set our personal injury attorneys in Ogden to work on your case by calling us at (801) 900-4681. We are insistent when looking into truck accidents and pinpointing liability. The end goal is always bringing your own liability down to 0%.

Truck Accident Clients in Utah Trust Our Team

The damages you have accrued due to your truck accident are likely to be monumental. Due to the sheer size and weight of a commercial truck, it is not uncommon for there to be severe injuries and devastation at even low speeds. You should not have to pay for those costs out of your own pocket when the accident was not your fault.

Contact Lowe Law Group and our team of Ogden truck accident lawyers today to start down the right track in your personal injury claim. We are dedicated to your recovery and fair treatment throughout the legal procedures.

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